nuethix formulations

nuethix formulations

nuethix formulations

nuethix formulations

Nuethix Formulations

Nuethix Formulations believes in full transparency in our formulas; you won’t ever see any proprietary blends. We use scientifically sound therapeutic doses for our formulas so that you get the performance from them you are paying for. Our products are produced in one of only five drug free manufacturers in the country. Each raw is tested upon entering the facility for microbes, heavy metals, drugs and label claims.

The task was:
  • Develop an ecommerce platform to sell nutritional supplements.

  • Allow vendors/athletes to resell products for a commission.

  • Allow vendors to automatically receive payment for their commissions.

Unique solution:

The challenge was to develop a multi-vendor, ecommerce solution that automatically assigned commissions to resellers. On top of that, these vendors needed to be automatically paid for ease-of-use. A vendor can sign up, start selling products and collecting commissions in only a few minutes.

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